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Pet Chemist Online facilitates the supply of prescription medications by an Australian registered pharmacist through our website. To order pet medication from our website we require a prescription from your vet. You can save up to 50% on your pet's medication by following this simple process!

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Save up to 50% on Pet Medication

Pet Chemist Online

Pet Chemist Online is an online pet business focused on health care related products. Our mission is to make managing your pet’s health easier and significantly more affordable by providing a trusted online source of low cost pet health products and medication.

We aim to make buying pet health supplies online easy and convenient with free standard shipping, our price match guarantee, expert advice from our highly experienced support team, and fast, nationwide delivery direct to your door.

Pet Chemist supplies a comprehensive range of pet products including:

      • Parasite (flea, tick and worm) control products,
      • Veterinary and prescription diets from brands including Royal Canin and Hills, and
      • Pet health care products, including skin care and supplements.